Surf Camps For Wounded & Injured Veterans

Two veterans share a wave and a surfboard

Waves of Impact provides free surf camps for veterans who were injured while in the military. Some of these young men and women have suffered extensive physical injuries while others may be afflicted with post traumatic stress syndrome. Regardless of their injuries getting in the ocean and riding waves provides a level of therapy not found anywhere else.

Many feel isolated by their injuries. Our volunteers are terrific and many friendships have formed on the beach and in the water between the veterans and instructors that last well beyond our surf camps.

After attending a few of our surf camps, many veterans are able to be comfortable enough that they can continue surfing outside of our structured events. Helping integrate the veterans with the local surfing community is goal that we strive to reach at each event.
Interested in sponsoring one of our free surf camps for A veteran climbs out of a wheelchair and onto a surfboardveterans? Get in touch with us because we’d love to make it happen.