About Us

About Waves of Impact

The ocean is said to help in healing wounds, both externally and emotionally. The unexplainable wonders of riding a wave and spending a day at the beach can make everything see a bit easier. There is something very soothing bout being in the ocean.

Waves of Impact exists to show individuals facing exceptional challenges the thrill of riding waves, but also focus on building and rebuilding confidence in those who need it most.

We also integrate the groups that we serve with the beach going community. People and families facing extraordinary hurdles are often isolated from the surrounding community. Our day at the beach introduces these groups to each other and helps bridge the gap between these groups fostering friendship and support.

Our staff consists of mostly local volunteers. Many are exceptional surfers and are considered the best waterman in each location of our camps. These highly devoted volunteers and specialists work hard to make our new surfers feel comfortable. They are the core of our surf clinics, and we are very fortunate to have their help. Without the support of local communities and volunteers, these camps would not be possible.
These camps are provided at no cost to the participants. Funding comes from a variety of sponsors and business and individual contributions.

Thanks to the support of our generous sponsors and the help of very dedicated group of volunteers we made surf camps possible

If you’d like to join us to make these camps happen we would love to have you. If you’d like to volunteer on the beach or in the water, please visit our volunteer page to register. We are always looking for sponsors and donations. They are what make these camps happen. Please visit our sponsorship opportunities page or donation page